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types of gold ore for cu zn pb haddock

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「Gold Deposits and Their Geological Classification」

Sixteen common types of bedrock gold deposits are distinguished from one another and their main geological attributes are summarized. Many of these deposit types represent different components of larger hydrothermal systems active at the same crustal levels and are genetically related. The geochemical parameters for most of deposit types are the

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「Gold Skarns British Columbia」

The ore in both reduced and oxidized types tends to have low Cu:Au (<2000), Cu:Ag (<1000), Zn:Au (<100) and Ag/Au (<1) ratios. Gold is commonly present as micronsized inclusions in sulphides, or at sulphide grain boundaries. It is often associated with tellurides. To the naked eye, Au skarn ore is generally indistinguishable from waste rock.

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「where rod mill cu zn pb plant product」

Jun 15, 2018· The locked cycle test achieved 25% Cu at 70% recovery, 26% Pb at 57% recovery and 62% Zn at 80% recovery. This confirmed that separate Cu, Pb and Zn products could be generated from the high Cu ore. On spec Cu and Zn concentrates could be produced at high metal recoveries but plant modifications will be required. Live Chat

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「Geological setting, geochemistry and genesis of the Sepon」

Geological setting, geochemistry and genesis of the Sepon gold and copper deposits, Laos by Paul W. Cromie B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Econ. Geol.) A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy CODES ARC Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits University of Tasmania (UTAS), Australia

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「Search ORE」

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「pH Ranges for Sequential Cu Pb Zn Flotation Separation」

As shown here below, assuming Collector addition is Optimum, pH and MBS in the Copper Circuit drives Pb content in the Cu Conc. Float Metals OnebyOne Selectively: Since our objective is to sequentially float Copper, then Lead, than Zinc while rejecting Pyrite, let us explore how we can separate Cu/Pb/Zn from Fe: pH 66.5 is where Pb/Zn/Fe are

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